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Yuandian, founded in 2017, is dedicated to developing innovative industrial packaging items for customers worldwide. Quality assurance,  client satisfaction, and value generation are key to our company philosophy. We develop a leading worldwide load safety laboratory with state-of-the-art technology and combining exceptional skills and decades of experience from Yongjia Group China to supply high-end Nano stretch film, FFS packaging bags & Tubular, aluminum foil packaging bags, and optimu


Product Classification

Huangshan Yuandian New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in October 2017, invested by Huangshan Yongjia Group.


Our products improve the transportation
safety of your goods

Cooperation with the biggest wrapping machine manufacturer from EUROPE - Robopac and Atlanta, smooth cooperation for marketing model with combination of stretch film and wrapping machine enhance load stability solution provided.

TStretch hood

Provide different customized solutions and suggestions

Safe and reliable logistics transportation The machine will measure the film length needs and sealing the film become a bag and the four arm will collect the complete bag from the sealing part.

55-layer Nano Stretch Film

Nano - layer technology of high

performance, energy - saving cast film Efficiency and cost saving;Stability, suitable for low temperature environment ;Environmental & User-Friendly


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