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When it comes to securing pallets and ensuring load stability during transit, Yuandian Nano Stretch Film stands out as a game-changing solution. With its innovative 55-layer design, this stretch film redefines thinness without compromising strength. In this blog, we will delve into the technical data and specifications of Nano Stretch Film, shedding light on its exceptional features and diverse applications. Whether you are seeking detailed stretch film specifications, exploring available wrap sizes, or examining the technical data sheet, this article will provide valuable insights into the world of Nano Stretch Film.


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Nano Stretch Film Specifications:

Yuandian Nano Stretch Film offers a range of specifications tailored to meet various packaging needs. The following machine stretch film specs showcase the versatility and performance of Nano Stretch Film across different grades and thicknesses:


Genius Grade (12~20μm):

Thickness: 15μm
Ultimate Stretch: 400%
Optimal Stretch: 280~300%
Characteristics & Application Scenario: This premium and powerful grade is designed for ultrathin films with ultra-high tensile properties and puncture resistance, making it ideal for fast wrappers with rotation rates exceeding 70 r/min.
Additional Option: 12μm thickness with a stretch range of 350% to 280%.

Titan Grade (12~20μm):

Thickness: 15μm
Ultimate Stretch: 350%
Optimal Stretch: 250~280%
Characteristics & Application Scenario: Offering similar performance to the Genius grade, the Titan grade provides cost-effective solutions for fast wrappers while maintaining impressive strength and puncture resistance.
Additional Option: 12μm thickness with a stretch range of 320% to 260%.

Xeon Grade (15~30μm):

Thickness: 20μm
Ultimate Stretch: 350%
Optimal Stretch: 280~300%
Characteristics & Application Scenario: This medium-high end grade delivers excellent resistance and is tailored for 90% of the wrapper market, emphasizing pallet stability and cost savings on packing materials.
Additional Options: 17μm thickness with a stretch range of 320% to 260% and 15μm thickness with a stretch range of 300% to 250%.

Zeon Grade (15~30μm):

Thickness: 23μm
Ultimate Stretch: 300%
Optimal Stretch: 250~270%
Characteristics & Application Scenario: Known for its high holding force, the Zeon grade is suitable for ordinary wrappers, especially when wrapping pallets with a flat surface.
Additional Options: 20μm thickness with a stretch range of 270% to 250% and 17μm thickness with a stretch range of 250% to 230%.

Arteon Grade (10~15μm):

Thickness: 12μm
Ultimate Stretch: 180%
Optimal Stretch: 130~150%
Characteristics & Application Scenario: This superior grade offers ultra-thin films with low stretch, high holding force, and retention force, making it suitable for both low-end wrappers and adjustable high-end wrappers.
Additional Option: 10μm thickness with a stretch range of 150% to 120%.
Stretch Film Wrap Sizes:
In addition to its comprehensive range of specifications, Yuandian Nano Stretch Film is available in various wrap sizes to accommodate diverse packaging requirements. Whether you need standard sizes or custom dimensions, the flexibility of Nano Stretch Film ensures that it can be tailored to suit your specific pallet wrapping needs.


Stretch wrap film -Yuandian


Stretch Film Technical Data Sheet:

For detailed technical information and specifications about Yuandian Nano Stretch Film, referring to the stretch film technical data sheet is essential. This resource provides comprehensive insights into the material properties, performance characteristics, and recommended applications of Nano Stretch Film, enabling users to make informed decisions based on precise technical data.


In conclusion, Nano Stretch Film from Yuandian presents a groundbreaking approach to pallet wrapping, combining exceptional stretchability and strength with remarkable thinness. By exploring its detailed specifications, available wrap sizes, and technical data sheet, users can gain a deeper understanding of the immense potential and versatility offered by Nano Stretch Film. Whether you are seeking cost-effective solutions, premium performance, or tailored specifications, Nano Stretch Film is poised to elevate the standards of pallet packaging and load stability.


The in-depth exploration of Nano Stretch Film’s technology datasheets and specifications reveals the remarkable precision and cutting-edge engineering behind Yuandian’s innovative packaging solution. The comprehensive insights into Nano Wrap Film’s specifications underscore its versatility, performance, and adaptability across diverse industrial applications. Beyond Nano Stretch Film, our website features a wide array of industrial packaging options. As a trusted manufacturer and exporter of industrial packaging solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional export services and wholesale pricing. Partner with us for premium quality and unparalleled expertise in meeting your industrial packaging needs.

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