Exploring the Stretchability of Stretch Film Wrapping: Best Choices and Decisions


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Hey there, I’m part of the Yuandian brand, an industrial packaging wholesale and manufacturer. With the improvement of industry experience under our belt, Yuandian becomes the authority in the field of industrial packaging and crafts top packaging solutions that achieve global standards. Our focus? Delivering quality, maintaining customer satisfaction, and creating value in everything we do.  From cutting-edge Nano stretch films to specialized FFS packaging bags and more. 


Stretch Film, also known as stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film used in packaging and shipping to secure and stabilize loads during storage and transit. Its unique stretchability is one of its key characteristics, offering several advantages in packaging applications. This blog will focus on the most frequently asked questions about the stretchability of stretch wrap film.

What is the stretchability of stretch film?

The stretchability of stretch film refers to its ability to elongate under tension without breaking which is a yield point during wrapping. It’s a crucial feature that determines the effectiveness of the film in wrapping and securing loads. The pre-stretching can achieve 200-300% elongation rates, significantly enhancing the film’s strength and resistance to temperature changes. Typically, higher stretchability allows the film to tight wrap around irregularly shaped items or pallets.

Benefits of Stretchability in Stretch Wrap Film

Securing Loads: Stretchability is vital for shipping and transiting to protect pallets. Stretch wrap films can elongate and wrap tightly around products to prevent shifting and damage, ensuring that goods arrive at their destination in integrity condition.

Versatility in Packaging: Stretch films with high stretchability are easier to apply and accommodate various load sizes and shapes. This optimizes the packaging process and reduces the time and energy.

Cost Efficiency: The stretchability of stretch film is an efficient method for minimizing the amount required to wrap each load. This results in cost savings and optimal load containment without excess material usage.

What factors may affect the stretchability of the stretch film?

Temperature: Temperature changes can affect the stretchability of the film. Higher temperatures generally increase elasticity, but lower temperatures can make the film more brittle and less stretchable.

Humidity and Moisture: Exposure to high humidity and moisture results in the film’s properties over time.

Load Characteristics: The type and weight of the load influence the required stretchability of the film. Heavier loads tend to require films with higher tensile strength and elasticity to ensure securing the package.

Thickness: Thinner films always have greater stretchability as they can lengthen more easily under tension.

Material Composition: The type and quality of polymer stretch film influence its stretchability. Polyethylene (PE) or similar polymers allow the film to stretch without tearing, providing elasticity and flexibility.


Understanding the stretchability of stretch film is essential for choosing the right packaging products for your specific needs. By considering their unique feature, you can make a good choice about the appropriate film in stretchability. As an industrial film manufacturer, we offer stretch wrap film wholesale and export services, bringing high-quality packaging material at optimal competitive prices. If you are interested in stretch films, you can visit our website to explore our wide displays of stretch films and more details about our factory. 

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