Foil Barrier Packaging

Aluminum-plastic composite bag is made of high barrier polymer modified PE composite

Aluminum-plastic composite barrier bag is the most recent invention in heavy-duty packaging; it is made by laminating plastic film with aluminum to form bags that are moisture-proof, leak-proof, and prevent any light from seeping through. These bags enable for nicely printed exteriors to produce a high-quality packaging impression. They also enable for one-way degassing and vacuuming, which is highly recommended for materials that cannot be exposed to moisture and high-value items.


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Product Feature

Aluminum-plastic composite bag is made of high barrier polymer modified PE composite, moisture-proof effect is 80 times of ordinary polyethylene, has good protective performance: oxygen resistance, moisture-proof, puncture resistance, high strength, high toughness, one-way or two-way breathable, strong ultraviolet resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and acid and alkaline substances; Suitable for containing 20kg to 50kg, powder materials, engineering plastics, chemical raw materials, dyes, pigments, animal feed, various additives.


Composition:usually consists of three to four layers or multiple layers of adhesive laminated together to form a composite film.

The first layer: the surface layer can ensure the strength and puncture resistance of the bag at a certain temperature and within a certain range.

The second layer: aluminum foil, barrier layer. The main role is to prevent moisture, oxygen and light.

The third layer: the innermost layer is the heat seal layer.

Customizing Options

  • Properties:
    • Flexible, abrasion-resistant, heat-sealable foil with a water vapor barrier PE,PA,PET, and aluminum foil laminated together.
    • Foil Barrier bags protect the contents of a bag from oxygen, water vapor, odor, UV, oils, grease, acid, alkalies, and other contaminants.
  • Applicable scenarios:Biodegradable plastics, NYLON materials, TPU materials, and engineering plastics
  • Item specs


  • Standard 25kg Industry Bag*Pre-made K seal help filling*Bottom K seals helps squatting the bottom of the bag*Available Anti-slip treatment and one-way degassing valve
      • Construction PET/AL/PA/PE
      • PET (Polyester Film ) 12 microns
      • Aluminum Foil 6.5microns
      • PA (Nylon Film ) 15microns
      • PE (Polyethylene ) 110microns
      • Bag Style M gusset Open top and sealed Bottom
      • Color Up to nine color
      • Packing:In bale or Box Pallet  
      • Customized size would be available.




  • Buying Guides:
    • *Non-printed sample is free ,but we need you pay the courier fee.* Please reach out to us for detailed requirements.


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