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Aluminum-plastic composite bag is made of high barrier polymer modified PE composite

Aluminum-plastic composite barrier bag is the most recent invention in heavy-duty packaging; it is made by laminating plastic film with aluminum to form bags that are moisture-proof, leak-proof, and prevent any light from seeping through. These bags enable for nicely printed exteriors to produce a high-quality packaging impression. They also enable for one-way degassing and vacuuming, which is highly recommended for materials that cannot be exposed to moisture and high-value items.


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Product Feature

Aluminum-plastic composite bag is made of high barrier polymer modified PE composite, moisture-proof effect is 80 times of ordinary polyethylene, has good protective performance: oxygen resistance, moisture-proof, puncture resistance, high strength, high toughness, one-way or two-way breathable, strong ultraviolet resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and acid and alkaline substances; Suitable for containing 20kg to 50kg, powder materials, engineering plastics, chemical raw materials, dyes, pigments, animal feed, various additives.


Composition:usually consists of three to four layers or multiple layers of adhesive laminated together to form a composite film.

The first layer: the surface layer can ensure the strength and puncture resistance of the bag at a certain temperature and within a certain range.

The second layer: aluminum foil, barrier layer. The main role is to prevent moisture, oxygen and light.

The third layer: the innermost layer is the heat seal layer.

Customizing Options

  • Properties:
    • Flexible, abrasion-resistant, heat-sealable foil with a water vapor barrier PE,PA,PET, and aluminum foil laminated together.
    • Foil Barrier bags protect the contents of a bag from oxygen, water vapor, odor, UV, oils, grease, acid, alkalies, and other contaminants.
  • Applicable scenarios:Biodegradable plastics, NYLON materials, TPU materials, and engineering plastics
  • Item specs


  • Standard 25kg Industry Bag*Pre-made K seal help filling*Bottom K seals helps squatting the bottom of the bag*Available Anti-slip treatment and one-way degassing valve
      • Construction PET/AL/PA/PE
      • PET (Polyester Film ) 12 microns
      • Aluminum Foil 6.5microns
      • PA (Nylon Film ) 15microns
      • PE (Polyethylene ) 110microns
      • Bag Style M gusset Open top and sealed Bottom
      • Color Up to nine color
      • Packing:In bale or Box Pallet  
      • Customized size would be available.




  • Buying Guides:
    • *Non-printed sample is free ,but we need you pay the courier fee.* Please reach out to us for detailed requirements.


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  • What materials are used in your pet food packaging?

    Our pet food packaging is primarily made of PE (Polyethylene) material, known for its biodegradable, durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and oxygen.

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