Heavy-duty PE Bag


Due to their innovative multi-layered co-extrusion blown film manufacturing technique and use of high-performance polyethylene (PE) material, FFS Heavy-duty PE Tubular bags offer excellent endurance and good thickness uniformity. In an integrated solution known as a form-fill-seal (FFS) system, the bag is cut and shaped from a continuous reel, then filled and sealed before becoming a final pack. The FFS system can increase filling operation efficiency while lowering labor expenses. The FFS fully automated packaging production line is designed for this kind of bag. The bag is comprised of a single substance and may be recycled right away.


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Product Feature

Heavy Duty PE Bag & traditional plastic weaving and paper-plastic heavy packaging

1) Withstand high temperatures of 70-80 degrees Celsius and several times handling.

2) Sealing, moisture, and anti-pollution performance are superior.

3) The packaging efficiency is increased by 3 to 5 times, and the labor cost is reduced.

4) Easy to recycle, green, and environmentally friendly.

5) Bag printing precision, flat, smooth, and elegant.



Thickness(um) 100-250
Width(mm) 260-650
Bag length(mm) 400-900
Gusset depth(mm) 45-110

Customizing Options

Applicable scenarios: Plastic material, Chemical raw material, Food additives, Chemical fertilizer, Organic compound fertilizer, etc.



Why choose Yuandian Heavy Duty PE Bags?

  • Untra-thin, with a minimum thickness of 100 microns.
  • Excellent thickness deviation, as low as 2%.
  • Stable width control, as low as 2mm.
  • Up to 6 colors to realize the diversification of printing.
  • Stable formula and excellent low-temperature resistance.
  • Optimize the cost on the premise of meeting the quality requirements


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