Stretch Hood

Stretch Hood Film

Superior strength, Max protection, Excellent clarity, Optimal load stability

Stretch hood is an elastic tubular film made by three or more layers of co-extrusion line, used to protect and secure palletized items. The film’s circumference originally is designed smaller than the perimeter of the load. Due to its great elastic recovery, when the stretch hooder pulls and releases the film during the hooding process, it stretches and wraps tightly around the load, securing it in place. Stretch Hood combines the benefits of traditional Shrink Film and Pallet Wrap film, offering greater holding force, high elasticity, exceptional puncture resistance, and superb load stability, used in a wide range of applications including petrochemical packaging, construction materials, food and beverage packaging, and appliance packaging, etc.




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Why stretch hood film?


  • High durability, complete water-weatherproof protection, protecting your products from dust, moisture, and UV rays for open-air storage and transport.
  • Excellent clarity, easy product identification, and inspection facilitate efficient warehouse management and logistics.
  • Superior load stability, due to vertical and horizontal stretch forces equals to safer load to handle and to transport.
  • Increased Efficiency: Precise film consumption per pallet, easy to budget, pack up to 150 ~280 pallets per hour, faster than the traditional stretch film wrapping 60 pallets per hour.
  • 100% recyclable films.



Width 1695mm~1884mm / 1907mm~2120mm
GUSSET 300mm~500mm
Thickness 30μm~180μm
Note Width=width folded+gussetX2
Customized  Acceptable
UV / Antistatic Workable
Weight per roll 300kg~400 kg 
Circumference  = 2L+4L1



  • Anti-static
  • UV stable(6, 12 months)
  • Slippery surface
  • Environmental "recyclable" marking
  • Code-spurting


Why Yuandian Stretch Hood?

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The right stretch hood film

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Stretch hood film vs Traditional Stretch Film

Stretch hoods and stretch film are both types of flexible packaging materials that are used to secure and protect loads during transportation and storage. However, there are some key differences between the two

Aspect Stretch Hoods Stretch Film
Shape and Size Typically larger and contoured to cover pallet tops Wraps around the sides of a load
Application Requires specialized equipment for stretching and sealing Can be applied manually or by machine
Benefits Improved load stability, reduced damage, enhanced presentation, increased space utilization, eco-friendly Provides some benefits, but may be less effective in certain situations
Productivity Higher due to excellent clarity and load stability Lower
Initial Cost Higher, due to superior properties and production process Lower
UV/ Antistatic Workable Workable




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We'd like to share some frequently asked question with you.

  • What materials are used in your stretch hood?

    Our stretch hoods are primarily made from PE (polyethylene) material, which is known for being biodegradable, durable, flexible, moisture and oxygen resistant.
  • How does it differ from shrink material?

    Unlike shrink wrap, stretch hoods are elastic and offer better stability without needing heat.
  • What are the main benefits?

    Stretch hoods save on packaging costs, ensure stable loads, speed up packing, offer clear product visibility, and protect against environmental factors.
  • Can they be customized?

    Absolutely! They come in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors to suit different needs.

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