Stretch hood will make the load to be a stabilized unit.

Unlike Shrink Material, Stretch Hood is an elastic tubular film that is used with specific palletizing machines and does not require heat. The Stretch Hood is made by coextrusion technology with three or more layers, offering greater holding force without the risk of puncturing or tearing owing to the heat-shrinking process.


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Product Feature

Excellent resilience and high holding force to ensure load stability.

Great strength, puncture & tear resistance.

Good transparency for barcode scanning of contents

High performance in both high and low temperature environments


Customizing Options

Applicable scenarios:

1)The tubular film is pulled out of the roll with folded edges, opened by a pair of extension belts and subsequently held up by four stretch arms.

2) The four corners of the film are pulled apart by the packaging equipment and applied from the top.

3) The film's high resilience and high holding force are used to tightly wrap the entire package.

4) Stretch hood will make the load to be a stabilized unit.


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