What You Need to Know about Heavy-duty Bags: Types、Process、and Specification


Heavy-duty PE Bag is made from high-performance polyethylene (PE) material and innovative multi-layered co-extrusion blown film manufacturing technique. FFS heavy-duty bag is suitable for a fully automatic production line due to excellent endurance and good thickness uniformity. Additionally, heavy-duty PE bags are made of material that is in line with circular economy and environmental protection. FFS heavy-duty bag is known for durable temperature, sealing, moisture, and printing precision.


This blog will introduce some details about heavy-duty bag types、anti-slip embossing design、venting needle holes、one-way discharge valves.







Bag length(mm)


Gusset depth(mm)


Printing color

Up to 13


Pass RoHS heavy metal test


Most popular types of heavy-duty bag

Due to their innovative multi-layered co-extrusion blown film manufacturing technique and use of high-performance polyethylene (PE) material. Heavy-duty bags can generally be divided into two main types: flat bags and gusseted bags.


Flat Bags: This type of bag is made up of one single flat piece without any obvious side or bottom gussets. Flat bags are used by powders and granular materials that don’t need a lot of structural support are frequently packaged. They are appropriate for light to medium-heavy packaging requirements and can be sealed with heat sealing or other sealing techniques.


Gusseted Bags: Gussets on the sides or bottom of this kind of bag enable it to swell and hold additional stuff. Items with uneven forms or a higher load capacity are frequently packaged using gusseted bags. They are appropriate for heavy-duty packaging because they offer improved stability and stackability.

What are anti-slip embossing designs?

Anti-slip embossing designs are integral features of heavy-duty packaging bags. These strips are strategically placed on the bag’s surface to prevent slipping and shifting when people handle and stack.


Anti-slip strips increase friction between stacked bags, helping the products can be piled higher and more securely. This method can maximize the storage space in shipping containers and warehouses, using the available space better.


In addition, anti-slip strips keep the bags from sliding and colliding, which lessens the chance of damage to the contents. This can be used in expensive and delicate things that need to be handled with care, facilitating the handling and transporting heavy-duty baggage.


Last but not least, anti-slip strips can lower the frequency of bag slippage and subsequent damage. This means lower product returns and replacements, as well as lower insurance and liability costs.

Do you know the venting needle hole?

Heavy-duty bags have tiny, uniform holes on their surface that serve as venting needle holes. During the production process, special equipment or tools are used to pierce the bag material, creating these tiny holes. Even though these holes are tiny in diameter, they are sufficient to let gas or air inside the bag escape.

A considerable amount of air or gas might build up inside the bag during the filling process, particularly when using granular or powdery materials. This trapped air can cause the bag to grow and possibly rupture if it is not properly vented. Vent needle holes give air a good way out, keeping the bag from being harmed by too much pressure inside.

Understanding the one-way degassing valve for heavy-duty pe bag

One-way degassing valves are designed to offer a practical and durable packaging solution for managing internal air and preventing backflow. These one-way degassing valves provide excellent barrier and sealing performance.


The one-way degassing valve is always firmly inserted on the surface of the heavy bag. It is designed as a valve flap in the one-way air valve, permitting air to flow out of the bag without allowing it back in. Compared with traditional valves, the recent valve utilizes a valve flap with sealing oil, ensuring a tight fit between the valve seat. The one-way air valve maintains the heavy-duty bag sealing, preventing the external air to pollute the inner products.


When people use heavy-duty bags to hold the product, the weight from the upper bags forces the air from the lower bag through the valve. This design can increase the pallet stability and stacking height.  Even if heavy-duty bag filled with goods is dropped from the high place, the air inside a heavy bag is swiftly released, decreasing the risk of bag breakage.


Understanding the structure of heavy-duty PE bags is essential for choosing the right packaging material for your specific needs. Yuandian hopes to provide a safe and efficient packaging solution, so enterprises can make judicious choices to optimize their packaging strategies and elevate the overarching consumer experience.


These carefully crafted heavy-duty PE bags offer top-notch performance, reliability, efficiency, reliability, and efficiency, making them ideal for various industrial and commercial applications. Their high-quality construction and environmental sustainability appeal to customers.


For more info, please visit our website to explore the convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness of heavy-duty PE bags. Contact us today at  Sales@hsydpac.com to get your next-level protection.


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