Why Nano layer stretch film?


Nano 55, Thin but tough, Cost saving, Exceptional stretchability, and strength

Compared with normal stretch film, nano stretch film is an innovative multi-layered processed stretch film with the state -of the -art cast line that is used to wrap Pallets and secure load stability during transit.

Nano 55 is at the leading edge of pallet wrap worldwide. The secret to Nano 55 is in its superior technology, where 55 layers of ultra-strong stretch film combine into one “super” stretch wrap film. A premium pallet wrap, Nano 55 offers exceptional strength, unparalleled durability, and superior optical clarity.

You can find the key to its features in its name: Nano 55 boasts 55 layers of top-quality, ultra-thin polymer material, setting it apart from its competitors. With more layers comes superior puncture resistance and a higher stretch capacity that applies greater pressure, securely wrapping your pallet and providing unparalleled load stability. While our standard Stretch Wrap is an excellent substitute for traditional pallet film, we consider Nano 55 to be the platinum standard of pallet wrap products.


How we make high-quality stretch wrap film?

Advances in materials feed block/die technologies, and winding can help processors develop more sophisticated cast-stretch products.



Every system is as good as the marriage between a MACHINE and a FILM. If both systems are not made for each other, you will never have a stable load.

It is not the cost per roll of stretch film that is important, but the cost Of the PALLET WRAPPED and how effectively it is wrapped.


Let Nano 55 film upgrade your loading stability and reduce your costs.


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