Reinforced edges, less film breakage, enhanced strength

Folded edge stretch film, also known as edge-folded stretch film or edge-folding stretch film, is specifically engineered to address the common weakness of standard stretch film edges and takes traditional hand-stretch film to the next level. It features reinforced edges that are neatly folded inward before winding onto the roll. This unique design eliminates film breaks caused by nicked edges and eliminates waste due to dropped and damaged rolls, ensuring maximum strength and protection for your palletized loads. Engineered with innovation in mind, this advanced packaging solution combines the convenience of hand-stretching with the added durability of folded edges


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Yuandian Folded edge stretch film, when compared to normal hand stretch film, offers several benefits:

Enhanced Strength and Stability: The folded edges provide added strength and tear resistance, ensuring greater stability and security during transit or storage. This feature makes it less prone to tearing or unraveling at the edges, offering better protection to the packaged items.

While Standard hand stretch films might be more susceptible to edge damage, which can compromise the integrity of the wrapped pallet or goods. The folded edges in this specialized film help mitigate the risk of damage, enhancing the overall durability of the film.

  • Enhance the strength of the Film edge.
  • Easy for rope making when wrapping the pallet.
  • 50%~100% optimal stretch, easy to pull up to the max holding force.
  • Reduce Plastic Consumption.
  • Cost saving
  • Low-carbon and environmentally friendly


Folded-Egde Stretch Film Spec.
Film Grade Thickness(μm) Width (mm) Length (m) ID. Core (mm)
High-end stiff
Hand rolls
8/10/12 470/430
(After folded)
(Customized )
Remark: Special specs available upon request

Customizing Options

Why choose Yuandian Stiff folded edge Hand Rolls?

  • Reinforced Protection: Say goodbye to worries about edge damage. Our folded-edge design ensures maximum resilience against tears and punctures, keeping your shipments secure and intact.
  • Waste Reduction: Bid farewell to wasted time and resources. Our film's innovative construction minimizes film breaks and waste from dropped or damaged rolls, optimizing your packaging process.
  • Enhanced Durability: Elevate your packaging game with superior strength and reliability. Our stretch film's reinforced edges guarantee unparalleled durability for your palletized loads.


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