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Cost saving, Ultra-thin, Superior strength, Ease of use

Yuandian Nano Stretch film is an innovative multi-layered processed stretch film with the state -of the -art cast line from W&H that is used to wrap Pallets and secure load stability during transit. Our high-end stiff hand rolls with superior strength and ease of use, ultra-thin could help to secure your items tightly and save your costs at the same time.


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Hand stretch film, also known as hand wrap film, is a type of stretch film that is applied by hand or using a dispenser.

High-end stiff hand stretch film is a type of hand roll that is designed to provide extra stiffness and support for packaged products. 


Yuandian hand wrap film is typically made with a higher quality material that is more resistant to punctures and tears. Easy stretch to max holding force.

It is also often more durable and able to withstand the tough handling conditions that can occur during transportation.

An excellent choice for packaging needs where extra support and stability are required to protect the contents of the package.


Manual & Hand Stretch Film Spec.
Specs Film Grade Thickness (μm) Optimal Stretch(%)) Width(㎜) Characteristic & Application Scenario
Hand Roll High-end Stiff 8 50%~70% 450/500 Ultra-thin, easy-stretch to max retention force, exceptional strength
10 450/500
12 450/500
Hand Roll Standard 15 200 450/500 Good containment force & strength
17 200 450/500
20 230 450/500
23 250 450/500
Remark: Special specifications available upon request 

Customizing Options

Why choose Yuandian High-End Stiff Hand Rolls?


  • ♦ We produce and supply different types of hand-wrap film, which could be perfectly applied to different scenarios.
  • ♦ Especially, our high-end stiff hand rolls, which features ultra-thin and easy stretch material with a maximum high-holding force, can help save your cost in all aspects.
  • ♦ As a specialized manufacturer, we are always available to support our clients.  We will work with you on optimized solutions and load stability exploration.


Simply send us an email or message, and our technical team is available to provide you with an optimized solution.


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  • Sample Policy for items

    Samples would be free of charge. While the freight cost should be on your account. You can send us your courier account, or we could help source the reasonable pricing options for your kind reference, then you arrange the wire transfer, we would arrange the sample dispatched accordingly.
  • What is the lead time for a bulk order of nano stretch film?

    Typically, the lead time for a bulk order of nano stretch film is 3 weeks after receipt of the payment deposit from the client.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions about nano stretch film or my order?

    If you have any questions or need professional advice, you can reach out to our team via email or phone. We are always available to assist our clients and provide expert guidance.
  • What in-house machinery do you have to test film? Any fully automatic wrappers on site?

    1. Test Equipment: • ESTL FEF 200 – Pallet wrapping holding force and retention force. • ESTL FPT750 – Ultimate stretch test, puncture resistance, retention force, cling test, and wrapper simulator test. 2. Wrappers: Robopac Automatic Portable Robot S6 wrapper and Pre-stretch 200% ~ 300% turntable wrapping machine.
  • Do you provide stiff gauge nano-layer hand rolls on 51mm cores?

    We can produce hand rolls in 78mm, 51mm, or 38mm core (Inner diameter), for any updated info, please contact us by any chance.

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