How to choose the optimal pallet wrapping film for your load stability


When it comes to selecting the optimal wrap film for your packaging needs, understanding the differences and benefits of each type is crucial. This article will help you make a suitable decision by yourselves.

Hand Film



Hand stretch film is a versatile and user-friendly solution ideal for smaller operations or environments. It can be used on products of any shape or size. Furthermore, Hand wrap which manually applied using a dispenser make it flexible and convenient for applications.


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Machine Wrap



Machine wrap is made from a special formula, utilizing automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines to speed up the wrapping process. Compared with hand film, advanced machine wrapping can save time, especially for big product volumes. Moreover, this method ensures a consistent and efficient wrapping process, saving labor costs.


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Folded Stretch Film



Folded edge stretch film, when compared to normal hand stretch film, offers several advantages. The folded edges provide added strength and tear resistance, ensuring greater stability and security during transit or storage. This feature makes it less prone to tearing or unraveling at the edges, offering better protection to the packaged items. While Standard hand stretch films might be more susceptible to edge damage, which can compromise the integrity of the wrapped pallet or goods. The folded edges in this specialized film help mitigate the risk of damage, enhancing the overall durability of the film.


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Stretch Hood Film



Stretch hood film is a specialized wrap used with stretch hood machines to create a secure, weatherproof cover for pallets. Instead of wrapping rectangular-shaped film around a pallet’s sides, this film stretches the products and shrinks to form a tight fit, which is an excellent application in that the products are not damaged by rain or other outdoor elements.


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Choosing the best wrap film for your needs involves evaluating the specific requirements of your operation, the nature of your products, and your volume of packaging.

Hand Film: Ideal for smaller operations, hand stretch film is cost-effective, flexible, and provides control over tension and wrapping.

Machine Wrap: Suitable for large-scale operations, machine wrap ensures efficient and consistent wrapping, reducing labor costs and speeding up the process.

Stretch Hood Film: This specialized wrap makes it ideal for outdoor storage or shipping of high-value goods especially anti-radiation products.

Folded Stretch Film: Engineered to prevent edge break, durable, providing reinforced protection with less material needed.

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