How to use stretch hood of Yuandian?


Corporation with a Leading Stretch Hood Film Supplier

With the fast transportation and logistics speed, more and more manufactures are taking measures to increase the efficiency of loading pallets and ensuring product stability. Yuandian stretch hood not only responds to your product needs as the business grows and expands, but significantly enhances operational efficiency and reduces breakage.

The method of Stretch Hoods

Opening up

The photoelectric sensors scan the palletized goods to calculate their dimensions and height, ensuring the machine cuts enough length and seals it to form a hood.


The pre-stretched hood is placed over the top of the palletized goods, and reaches stretched state, covering the entire pallet top.


Once the machine lowers the stretch hood, it tightens the goods firmly in place. The stretch hood tightly clings to the products, providing stability and protection.


when the hood reaches the bottom of the stack, completing secure wrap and stable pallet.

Advantages of Stretch Hoods

Increased Efficiency

Stretch hoods take less time for your employees to wrap pallets by hand, so it is an increased efficiency method. This efficiency translates to faster loading of trucks and rail cars, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Protection from Elements

With advanced metallocene polymer technology, stretch hoods offer robust protection against dirt, dust, and liquids. They form an effective barrier, ensuring products remain stable load.

Safety and stable transportation

The increasing shipping accidents, it is essential to add a level of production. Yuandian stretch hoods provide an added layer of protection, minimizing accidents caused by sudden movements or changes in direction.

Specifications of Stretch Hood

Stretch hoods are designed as a five-sided piece of polymer, covering all four sides and the top of a stacked pallet. Yuandian, as a leading supplier in the flexible packaging industry, offers stretch hood films in various thicknesses (30-180 μm) and widths (1695-1884 mm/1907-2120mm). These specifications suit various international pallet sizes, ranging from 42×42 to 48×48 inches. The following table details our stretch hood dimensions.

Width 1695mm~1884mm / 1907mm~2120mm
Gusset 300mm~500mm
Thickness 30μm~180μm
Note Width=width folded+gussetX2
Customized  Acceptable
UV / Antistatic Workable
Weight per roll 300kg~400 kg 
Circumference  = 2L+4L1


In today’s competitive shipping industry, efficiency, stability, and protection are key elements in choosing packaging materials. Corporation with Yuandian, businesses can enhance their innovation of stretch hoods, secure load pallets, reduce breakage and confidently scale their operations.

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